How to take care of your senior dog

How to take care of your senior dog

It's a blessing to see your dog reaching senior hood, even if witnessing them begin to slow down a little can be difficult. To provide the best care for your senior dog, there are some steps to achieve the proper care. And in this blog we'll mention how to take care of your senior dog.

1- Provide a comfy home for your dog:

Senior dogs may need more rest, so all you have to do is making a quite and comfortable place for them to get the rest they need, and make sure to bring a comfy bed for your furry friend.

2- Make sure to keep things more accessible:

Try to get what your dog needs close to its place, to be within easy reach so they don’t have to go too far to get water, food, bed, and toys. Also you can check Don Canino pads for more comfy life for your senior

3- Give them something to hand on:

Slippery floor can be a big challenge for senior dogs to walk on. So make sure to bring a carpet or rug to give them something to grip.

4- Monitor how much your dog is eating and drinking:

Observe the amount of food and water your dog gets and mention any changes in their habits or weight to the vet. Don Canino dry food provides your dog all the needed vitamins with variety of flavors.

5- Make a daily routine for your dog:

Senior dogs can be slowing down, so you need to make them energetic by walking them a little to keep their weight down, bring toys and puzzle feeders to keep them entertained, and in order to make them dry and warm you need to get them a coat

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