The best tips for new puppy owners

The best tips for new puppy owners

Bringing a new puppy to your home is a step for enjoying an adventurous and full of energy life. Because puppies fill our lives with joy and happiness. But you need to know some tips and tricks before you take this step. In the blog we will discuss the most important tips for taking care of your puppy.

Step 1: Get all the supplies you’ll need for your pet

Take your time to get all your pet supplies in a good quality and make sure you’re not missing anything. Check this list for your pet supplies:

Step 2: Prepare yourself by reading training books for puppies:

When it comes to our new furry friend. You’ll need to gather all the information to train your puppy and teach him all the tricks and moves. And it’s important because it’s easier to train your puppy as it learns fast and with positive reinforcement, obedience and training, your puppy will learn in no time. Keep the training fun and light, and most of all, positive, and we promise you'll see amazing results

Step 3: Make a puppy safe rooms:

A good way to put boundaries for your puppy, is using baby gates to block the rooms you don’t want your puppy to enter, until it’s fully trained. Also create for your furry friend safe rooms which means they’re allowed to enter by putting the toys, crate and the bed as well

Step 4: Plan a daily routine for your puppy:

First time puppy owners have to be consistent and create a routine for their new furry friend. Puppies are much like kids and creating a daily routine for them is important. Make a routine for things like feeding time, playtime, potty time, and cuddles time. This routine will help your puppy to feel secure and happy

Step 5: Practice Potty Training Your Puppy:

Practicing potty training can be devastating in the beginning for new puppy owners. Because puppies don’t have full control on their bladder until about 12 weeks of age. So put in consideration that there will be some accidents in the beginning of the potty training. All you have to do is taking your puppy out to potty and praise them when they do it and the process will be much easier for both of you. Also you can depend on training pads for the first period of training. Check our training pads offers and remove this hustle from your plans.

Step 6: Choosing The Best Puppy Food:

Feed your puppy the very best quality food you can afford. Serving high-quality food is an excellent investment in your puppy's health and happiness. Our best quality food products include all the protein and vitamins your puppy will need for healthy growth. Also when it comes to treats Don Canino is the best treat for your puppy and it comes with different flavors.

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